CoreFM Technicians – Mobile Application is a smart app ideal for maintenance teams who constantly work on-field and at different locations. With CoreFM, technicians can spend more time in the field and less time retyping data or traveling between locations due to improper scheduling.
Some Features of CoreFM Technicians App are:

  • The app makes it easier for the technicians to plan their workday with reviewing jobs assigned for any given day
  • The technicians receive complete job information as logged by staff or tenants along with attached documents and pictures. Making it easier for them to be prepared with right tools and material before going to perform the job
  • The app allows the manager to know the time taken to perform a job
  • Technician app is equipped with CoreFind technology to view real time location of on-field staff.
  • The technicians receive important alerts regarding new job schedules, approvals on their material requests, etc.

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