CoreSettlement – Tenant move-out with Unit inspection is a simplified tool to handle the complex process of conducting unit snag at the time of tenant move out. This module synchronizes multiple departments such as Property management, Settlement processing team, Inspection, and maintenance team.

With dynamic inspection form management, the inspection team can submit a detailed snag report to the Settlement department with images and accurate charges. The settlement team can review and negotiate the move out terms with the tenant with ease by providing the snag report.

This module ensures that a unit is vacated smoothly and ensures that all defects noted in the inspection are cleared by the maintenance team before the unit is occupied again.

CoreSettlement offers a wide range of features:

  • Dynamic inspection form creation based on unit type.
  • Auto scheduling inspection team upon unit being vacant.
  • Generating detailed snag list reports with images and accurate charges.
  • Settlement team control over final charge and maintenance job to be done.
  • Direct snag report email to tenant for quick turnaround.
  • Calculating the final move out charges for the tenant.

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