CoreProcure – Procurement, Inventory and Services Management helps with managing the purchasing process and controlling organizations inventory and services. CoreProcure streamlines the process of inventory acquisition, vendor onboarding and supplier relationship management. Users can easily create purchase requests and purchase orders subject to review and approval by managers. Handling vendor AMCs has never been so easy to manage.

Selecting the right Vendor or buying the needed inventory with multiple quotation comparison helps the procurement team make the right choice always. LPO generation and GRN are some of the standard processes built-in the system.

CoreProcure can manage:

  • Complete Inventory information with preferred vendor and warranty information.
  • Control multiple warehouses or stores with individual stock count.
  • Maintain complete vendor and supplier profiles.
  • Manage multiple workflows within the system to acquire an inventory direct from preferred, purchase with multiple quotations, purchase from an external supplier etc.
  • Multi-level approval system allows to maintain a strict control over purchase requests.
  • Complete history of an inventory from request stage till inventory issuance.
  • Avoid duplicate material issuance and control item replacement with smart warranty management.
  • Manage vendor AMCs with full job list and payment terms.
  • Multiple quotation comparison, LPO issuance and GRN are ready to use features of the module.

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