CoreVirtual MasterPlan – Floor Plan Management converts standard images of project & floor plans in to a layered, presentation-like setup that displays relevant and real-time information of the real estate inventory in a secured & interactive environment.

Starting with the complete project view, which gives an eagle’s eye view of the entire project and its vicinity, it then moves down to the front elevation levels of individual buildings/villas etc. Each area highlights on touch and is linked to their individual layouts/floor plan. At the floor plan level, individual units are color-coded with their availability status.

At the unit level, you get detailed information about the unit with an option of integrating a 3D Virtual Reality (VR) Tour. Important details of the prospects can be captured with an easy-to-use interest/booking form. Inventories are updated live with every booking. Apart from this standard flow of the presentation, the application is flexible to add in more layers to suit your story.

The application also comes with an innovative search engine, which allows custom filters to be used to get the exact information you are looking for. It can integrate with any 3rd party ERP/CRM or use the simplicity of Excel/Google Sheet to retrieve information. Your information is stored in a highly secured environment and is completely safe from any threat of data breach.

Some of the unique features offered are:

  • Perfect app for the on-the-go sales team.
  • Build your own multi-layer project or multiple projects.
  • Compatible with iPad for full screen presentation.
  • Share real-time availability of your units with accurate color coding.
  • Option to link videos, 3D Virtual Tours or any content from the web to your floor plan.
  • Easily integrate with your CRM or ERP for real-time data sharing.
  • You can easily control unit information and availability by linking it to a Google Sheet.
  • Capture lead information, process booking forms, conduct the entire sales process from the app.
  • Suitable for Real Estate property sales and various other businesses too.

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